Claws Mail vs. Thunderbird – A comparison

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I have recently switched over from Thunderbird to Claws Mail. After all the fuss at Mozilla concerning Thunderbird I thought I would look for a replacement, not for immediate use, but for the future in case Thunderbird was shot down from it’s email flight.
Now that I have been using Claws Mail for a while I thought I would write up a comparison between Claws Mail and Thunderbird and maybe this way I can help some people making a decision.

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Claws-Mail – Part IV

Claws-Mail replaced the love I had for Thunderbird. I have been a Thunderbird user for many years and it was a great replacement for Outlook Express at the time.
I blogged before I couldn’t use Claws-Mail but after I switched back to Thunderbird again, things began to bug me. The layout and speed of Claws-Mail was something I was missing in Thunderbird. So I decided to change the way I was using GPG and signatures to accommodate Claws-Mail. I did this while still using Thunderbird and it was clear I could do it and switched back to Claws-Mail again.

I switched back just about an hour ago and I love it. I don’t feel bad about it unlike when I switched from from Claws-Mail to Thunderbird. I was always looking back at Claws-Mail and trying to see if I could make it work.

Thunderbird replacement?

Back in the days I used Eudora as my email client, I didn’t like Outlook Express, the development kinda stopped on Eudora and I needed more out of my email client. After releuctantly using Outlook Express I was relieved to see Thunderbird and I made the switch. I never looked back again and never thought about Eudora again.
When I made the switch to Linux, Thunderbird was the obvious choice. I tried Evolution but that just didn’t do it for me.

With all the turmoil at Mozilla and the new MailCo that’s started I don’t know what to think. The future of Thunderbird isn’t clear, nothing has been said expect not to worry, yeah we heard that before. The two big names of Thunderbird development left Mozilla the last couple of days. Some people suggest there will be forking of Thunderbird.

While waiting for more news I decided to look around at other clients.Evolution is a no-no for me, I just don’t like it. Claws looks promising. I’m having some issues converting though, I tried the scripts Claws offers but with no luck. Converting by hand is a pain, I’ve got a lot of folders and several accounts. I’ll keep looking around, just in case Thunderbird becomes a wingless bird.