The AVH Amazon plugin has reached its end of life.

As of today, or maybe yesterday, the AVH Amazon has stopped working, the solution: Disable the plugin.
As I posted in August, Amazon has deprecated some vital functions for the AVH Amazon plugin and by the looks of it, they enforced these changes.

It’s hard to see the end of the AVH Amazon plugin. The plugin went through some major changes during the course of development and it really has taught me a lot, laying the foundation for my other plugins.

I would like to thank everybody who has used my plugin and given me feedback in making the plugin to what it was.

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  • Roy

    I noticed problems with my page last night and after investigating, found that it was this plugin killing my theme. It had worked for a few weeks prior just fine so guess it’s tied to this change from Amazon. It’s sad, I really liked it and don’t know where I’ll get anything that can do a similar job. Amazon’s own blog wishlist generator thing is terrible.

  • A pity — I very much enjoyed using it. Thanks for your support of it over the years.