Thinking about forking the WordPress plugin: Support Tickets.

I’m thinking of forking the WordPress plugin “Support Tickets“. I noticed it has not been developed in little over a year and people are still requesting bug fixes, which are not picked up. As I would like to keep my skills up programming in PHP and WordPress I figured it would be a nice project to take on. The reason for forking the plugin is that I contacted the developer, asking if I could take over the project but he said I should just fork it.

My initial thoughts are that the plugin will be developed for WordPress 3.x and PHP 5.x but I’m open for reasons otherwise.

The new name for the plugin will be AVH Support Tickets, it will have an import function, to import the data from the original Support Tickets plugin.
I have seen several request for bug fixes and enhancements in the support forum of the Support Tickets plugin but I really would like to get a feel what it is the users of the plugin want to see changed in the plugin.
You can submit your requests on my Support Forum.

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