Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Released

Today is the day that the new Ubuntu Intrepid has been released. Personally I have been running Intrepid for a couple of weeks, mainly to get a head start of building packages for Getdeb. I love it when a new release come out. Upgrade my laptop, set up a new building environment for package building, check out what new packages are available and what the upgraded packages look like. I mainly use my laptop for development and packaging but I do watch some video’s and listen to some music every now and then.

I use VLC for playing of video’s and the first I started VLC I was pleasantly surprised to see the new GUI, very clean and pro looking.If you still use Totem, the default player, give VLC a try you won’t regret it.

For all my documents I use OpenOffice, I upgraded to version 3.0 on Hardy and was hoping this was the default in Intrepid as well, but this is not the case. I don’t have any problems running 3.0, just download the deb files from their website and install them. Works like a charm.

Another program i use a lot was upgraded to the latest version, Tomboy. Even though I’m not a big fan of using Mono, it’s hard to find another note taking program that works like Tomboy. I tried Notecase but it doesn’t seem to support showing of a note by itself. I sometimes have two notes open at the same time as reminders, I have been unable to do this with notecase.

My development environment needed some changes, the Apache configuration files have changed a bit, nothing drastic but if you have changed the default settings you need to look into it. My IDE still works, it’s java based so that didn’t surprise me that much.

Overall after working with Intrepid for a couple of weeks I’m happy with it, could I have done without the upgrade? I surely could if it wasn’t for the package building and testing of those packages.

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