Update WordPress Plugin: AVH First Defense Against Spam v1.1

A new version of the WordPress plugin AVH First Defense Against Spam has been released today.

The changes made in this release:

  • Ability to report a spammer to Stop Forum Spam if you sign up on their website and get an API key (it’s free).
  • Added a link in the emails to add an IP to the local blacklist.
  • Bugfix: Uninstall did not work.
  • RFC: A white list was added.

More information can be found on the AVH First Defense Against Spam page.

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  • I am using the AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin on my WordPress blog.

    It seems to be doing a great job of catching spammers. I’m using it in conjunction with a captcha icon on my comments page and Askimet. However the plugin has now created a new and different problem. My email inbox is being flooded with email reports! How do I turn off email notification when a spam attack has been detected? I am getting several thousand per day right now, and it is slowing my email-checking process to a crawl.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    • In the setting page of the plugin you can define a threshold for receiving emails.
      If you set the the threshold to -1 you won’t receive the email.