Updated patches and include files for mplayer with VDPAU support

Nvidia has released updated patches of mplayer with VDPAU support (mplayer-vdpau-3532130) and new include files needed for compilation.

You can download this version from nVidia
I have made the include files available in a tar file, the download link for this tar file can found in the sidebar of this blog under Local Downloads.

Changes in this version:

  • Fix corruption decoding field-coded pictures in MBAFF H.264 clips on some GPUs.
  • Fix some crashes by making vdpauvideo.c functions no-ops when called with NULL current_picture.
  • Fill in VC-1 rangered field according to new vdpau.h documentation.
  • Fill in H.264 is_reference field in a way that ignores pictures held for delayed display.

With the help of my article: “Compile mplayer with VDPAU support on Ubuntu” you’ll be able to compile mplayer yourself.

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