Updated the WordPress theme

I have updated the WordPress theme I use. The most noticeable change is the way I show the kernel compile articles in the widget.

Here’s what I’ve changed in the theme:

  • The widget Kernel Compile Articles is menu based. You can see the articles related to the Ubuntu version by clicking on the particular Ubuntu version.
  • I used to use a plugin for the Twitter button. I have integrated this into the theme.
  • In the comment section a button will appear next to the author of the comment if the author filled out his or her website. By clicking the button you will be redirected to that website.
  • Optimized the logo, it’s a little bit smaller in size.
  • Changed the search results page.
  • Links in the comments are no longer set as nofollow.
  • Several other, smaller changes.

The theme is not publicly available and I don’t know if it will someday. If you have questions about the theme, how I did particular things feel free to contact me.

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