Updated WordPress Plugin: AVH Amazon 3.2

A new release of my WordPress plugin AVH Amazon 3.2 is released today. I implemented several new and improved features that were requested by users of the AVH Amazon plugin. The biggest improvement of the plugin is the new caching of calls made to Amazon.

What is new since AVH Amazon 3.1.4:

  • RFC: Widget: Ability to disable the randomization of items in a wishlist.
  • RFC: Widget: Ability to select the sort order of the wishlist. Options are Last Updated, Date Added, Price (only cheapest to most expensive is allowed by Amazon), Priority
  • RFC: Removed line break tags in the wishlist widget after the image and caption.
  • RFC: Added Amazon.fr
  • Added caching. Wishlists and Items are cached for 23 hours to speed up the lookup process.

Amazon only allows caching for 24 hours, and to be on the safe side I opted to cache items for 23 hours. All calls are cached, wishlists and items displayed. When an item needs to displayed and the item in the cache has expired the plugin will make a call to Amazon refreshing the cache.
When you add new items to your wishlist don’t forget to clear the cache, otherwise the newly added items won’t show up on your blog. The option to clear the cache can be found in the Tools section of of WordPress Administration.

You can find the updated version on the plugin on the AVH Amazon page.

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