Updated WordPress Plugin: AVH First Defense Against Spam v2.0

Version 2.0 of the WordPress plugin AVH First Defense Against Spam has been released today. It introduces the option to check visitors with Project Honey Pot as well as Stop Forum Spam.

What’s new

  • RFC: Optionally check the visitor at Project Honey Pot.
  • RFC: Optionally receive error emails for failed calls to Stop Forum Spam. Error mails were always received.
  • The plugin has a separate menu page.
  • Added very simple statistics.
  • Bugfix: Check Trackbacks/Pingbacks for spammers as well.
  • Bugfix: Reporting a spammer without an email address failed. Stop Forum Spam changed their policy about reporting spammers without an email.

You can find the AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin on it’s own page.

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  • Your download link comes up as 404.

    • Thanks Laura.

      It should be fixed in a couple of minutes.