What is it with spammers?

In a weird way I understand why spammers spam, get extra traffic to the site they are promoting or trying to get you to a site to sell you something. But why keep they trying when there 1st attempt was blocked to begin with and sometimes it’s just flat out strange what they are trying to post. And I say trying because the majority is stopped by my WordPress plugin AVH First Defense Against Spam/

Every now and then I see spam being blocked where the email used doesn’t make any sense, so you won’t go “Oooh interesting domain name, let’s go to the domain in the email.”, which would be weird anyway, and then the comment it self is something like ‘Nice pictures!”. Uhm, what? That should spark my interest to go to the domain, if I knew what it is.

The other thing: Why don’t spammers check every once in a while if their attempt was successful?

Lately I have seen one particular site promotion trying to post comments. The user name is the website address, that’s the only readable part, because the rest of the name and comment is in Farsi. The spammer hits my site several time a day but is never successful because my plugin, AVH First Defense Against Spam, stops it every time. The spammer tries to post directly to wp-comments and my plugin has a mechanism to stop this behavior.

One last thing which I find interesting is that one of my most hit article by spammers is actually the article on how to stop spammers. It’s almost like they see it as a challenge. I wonder if this article will be hit just as hard.

Am I completely spam free? Nope, every now and then one slips through, but I can’t complain. The following are the stats of the AVH First Defense Against Spam:

2380 Spam stopped in 2009 – October
1558 Spam stopped in 2009 – September

Which is an average of 64 spam visits/day and according to Google Analytics I average about 300 visitors a day and those visitors don’t include the visitors stopped by the AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin.

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